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  This is my grand daughter in the "Astrid" costume. On September 28, 2015, in the cosplay sewing contest at The American Sewing Expo, I received a certificate for Best Prop for "Astrid's" battle axe!
Photo credit: Charles Islander Images
My first costume was made for my daughter. We went shopping for "The Corpse Bride". My daughter was unhappy with the costumes that we located as they were not as close to the character as she wanted. Later, I wore that same costume to a Halloween ride with "Horses For Hope", a riding program for kids with cancer. Since the costume was made for my daughter and I did not have the sewing knowledge, I could not do it without a sleeve. I was determined that one day I would make another that resembled “The Corpse Bride” more closely. I made one costume a year for this ride, which was the only sewing that I attempted until recently. Most of my sewing has been self-taught except for my 9th grade Home Economics class and some top stitching production work in a couple of factories in Georgia.

I have watched "Once Upon A Time" since the first episode. I just love the character costumes and feel that they are some of the most beautiful that I have seen! This is the show that has inspired me to start sewing costumes on a regular basis. The "Snow" inspired costume is the first that I made for the business and was shipped to a young lady in Switzerland. Some of the costumes that I make, such as "Astrid and "Rumple", are made of patterns that I have had to alter or draw up myself so that I could get them as close as possible to the character. Many other costume patterns have had some form of altering to achieve the look I am aiming for. On occasion when I could not figure a pattern out, I would go talk with my mother in law for ideas or assistance. In the future, I will consider other characters, but my preference is "Disney”, "DreamWorks", “Game of Thrones” and “Dr. Who” as I find that if I love the characters, it is much easier to see and make the costumes closer to the character. In the future, I am also working with someone, so that I can hopefully offer a couple costumes inspired by “Vikings”.

In addition to the finished work I have available, I do take custom orders. Costumes are priced according to amount of fabric used/cost and difficulty/amount of time spent to make the costume. Custom orders require a non refundable deposit. The only way that deposit would be refunded is if I were able to sell that costume to another client. For any costume that has extensive beading, I will only accept custom orders from November through March due to extensive work time. I do give one week from the date of delivery to return your item if it does not fit and has not been worn (except to try on) or you are not satisfied with it. If returned, please let me know the reason.

I want to thank all my family for putting up with all the space and time that I have taken up with my projects! I also have to thank all my neighbors/friends that have helped me out by modeling the costumes that I have made. I could not show off these costumes if it were not for them adding the finishing touches! My models make the costumes SHINE! Their payment has been pizza and drink during a photo shoot. GREAT FRIENDS!!!




Kathy Flanagan
Port Huron, MI

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